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The Australian Welding Academy (AWA) was purchased by LMATS Pty Ltd on 1st September 2016. LMATS is accredited in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 by NATA, Australia. LMATS comprises a highly professional team of qualified Metallurgist, Engineers, Engineering Technologists, Inspectors, and NDT personnel. This makes The Australian Welding Academy (AWA) unique in that we can train and certify welders on the same site, under the same roof, to the highest standard required, thus giving substantial cost savings.

The Australian Welding Academy (AWA) was opened in 2012 to offer an alternative for welder training and testing in Australia and has quickly grown to be a leader in this field. We pride ourselves on supplying the best training at an affordable price, and offer training, testing and weld procedure development all under one roof, something no other welder training business can offer. AWA is constantly moving forward, developing new strategies and training systems to keep up with the growing demand for better skilled and educated welding personnel.  We also offer customised training to address client specific requirements where appropriate. Businesses are recognising that money spent in the right areas will boost productivity and profitability in the long term.  Smart money spent on training and development of welding personnel can have a dramatic effect on any business’s bottom line. Increasing a welder’s skill and knowledge has a significant effect on productivity.  A well trained welder can assist in the ongoing training and development of other welders, an excellent result for money invested in the right areas.

  • A skilled welder saves you time and money – faster, less repairs, saving materials.
  • An educated welder saves time and money – faster, less mistakes, can train and supervise others.

AWA is also involved in the education of the next group of welding inspectors with a number of students working their way to AS/NZS 2214 & 1796 Cert 10 qualifications.